Sales Department
Lovato Gas Sales Department manages each Customer by trying to meet their needs with a dedicated Area Manager and supporting them with a Sales Assistant directly from headquarters in management of the order.

Due to its experience and know-how, Lovato Gas is able to manage in the best way both After Market Customers and the most well-known Car Manufacturers (OEMs), developing gas systems and components according to the different specific requirements and ensuring very high product and quality process standards.
This makes Lovato Gas one of the worldwide leader companies in the field of LPG and CNG.

Lovato Brand has a presence in more than 50 countries all over the world through its own Dealers. This network has widespread coverage and is supported by the presence of the Landi Renzo Group branches.
The Sales Network in Italy is made up at the regional level of Dealers and Agents who manage Authorized Service Centers. This Workshops Network aims to provide an accurate and quick after-sales service to the end Customer.
R&D and Technical Department
Developing gas technologies to achieve full Customer satisfaction and improve Environmental quality.

By pursuing these two objectives persistently, Lovato Gas has developed skills and technologies that have made it one of the leaders in the field of systems for converting engines of motor vehicles and other types of internal combustion engine to LPG and CNG. A team of proven experience but at the same time open to new ideas coming from the market and research, consisting of technicians, engineers, designers and testers enables Lovato Gas to design and engineer systems and components to improve performance constantly whilst respecting the environment, which last is an indispensable requirement today!

The Research and Development Department is equipped with a laboratory that is able to test all cars on the market. Accelerated endurance tests are conducted using engine test benches.

The Technical Department uses sophisticated dynamic design and simulation and CAM numeric control systems that are connected directly to the CAD design terminals to create prototypes in real time.
Production Department
The Production Department of Lovato Gas occupies a covered space of 3,500 m2 and is organized by product line. Even if Lovato Gas collaborates with external partners, all the majour technological components are assembled and tested internally.

To ensure maximum flexibility and ability to adapt to different market needs the production processes of Lovato Gas represent the right mix between cutting-edge automation and value add of our labour force, combining technology with professionalism and experience. Employees regularly attend training courses to keep up to date on the specific processes required by the market.
The highest quality standards, which have contributed to the success of Lovato Gas, are guaranteed by 100% quality control on all products. These total quality assurance is performed at the end of the assembly process and during the intermediate stages. It is managed with an approach to continuous improvement and is led by cross-functional teams dedicated to the analysis of processes and the research into constant improvement solutions.

The management of the storage of the finished product and the preparation and organization of shipments are managed by an external logistics operator, which is a leader in this field. The warehouse is located in Altavilla Vicentina (VI) and occupies an area of 3,000 m2.